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Kagoma, Soweto –

Wakiso, Uganda

Excel Academy Tower (EAT)

A storied house construction is underway to provide both adequate and good accommodation, instruction rooms, a dining hall and chapel for the excel kids.

Our Projects

Music and talents development

God gave us beautiful talents. Some of them are sports, others are in arts, music dance and drama. We are committed to developing these talents to full capacity.  We use our God given talents as a form of worship for him, and service to humanity.

Practical science and innovation

We love innovative learning of science and other subjects. We create models for innovative learning at excel kids academy for both natural and physical sciences. Our natural sciences models include, human, Blood circulatory system, human body Digestive system, human body Excretory system while our physical sciences models include the Electric bell, Bore hole,  Periscope, Pinhole camera and Microscope

Digital skills

We are looking at the Scratch programming language. Through coding, we hope to train our children, teachers, and community in the 21st-century skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

Urban farming

We also promote urban farming, where we demonstrate crop and animal production on small sized pieces of land. We train and promote rabbit rearing in cages, chicken cages, IMO rearing of pigs, goats, mushrooms, bee keeping, zero grazed cattle and creating bio energy.

Support one of our “sustainability building” projects