Excellent ministries equipping people for destiny. We here to help you discover your whole self spiritually, physically, and economically. Through Nehemiah development group, we mentor in business under our business incubation program . This has helped many discover their potentials and ways of sustaining profitable business. Excel kids is our dream come true, rising a Christ centered, innovative, creative, all rounded child. We offer education, child discipleship, hands on learning and talents development.

About Excel Ministries

Excel Ministries is a Para Church Ministry in Uganda dedicated to the vision of God’s Kingdom in all spheres of society and influence.

At Excel, we believe in the original mandate of being fruitful, multiply, subdue and replenish the earth given to mankind.


Salvation is not an end in itself, but rather an entry to the restoration of all that Adam lost. We seek to restore God’s rulership, influence and dominion on earth. 

Our Mission & Vision.


Excel Ministries seeks to see God’s kingdom established to influence all aspects of our communities.


We seek to release people to realize their full potential in God as they become faithful Priests and Kings to rule the earth (Rev 5:10).