Nehemiah Development

Our economic empowerment programs seek to raise poor and broken communities out of abject poverty.  Nehemiah development derives its inspiration from the book of Nehemiah in the Bible, a visionary and determined leader in ancient Israel who led fugitive captives to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem against incredible odds.

Our Mission & Vision.

Nehemiah seeks to Rebuild the broken down social and economic walls of our communities

Mission To facilitate social transformation through business entrepreneurship,

Objective To empower members through business enterprise, foster cooperation and sharing of innovative and proven business skills to create sustainability and development.

Nehemiah Projects

Business Development Center

The business development center is our hub where we offer trainings in business and entrepreneurial skills, and is home to our Savings and credit society. The business center also serves as our sales outlet for our members products as well as a promotional center for all our affiliate businesses.
A professional team led by a project coordinator handles all services at the center Services here include; Savings and credit services, Mobile money services, Agency banking, Kingdom entrepreneurship, Marketplace leadership training, Sales of products and services

Nehemiah Agro

Nehemiah Agro seeks to redress this by training small local farmers on how they can both maximize yields, form cooperatives, employ better farming techniques, and add value. Nehemiah continually invests in research towards innovative farming techniques that can maximize output on the same size of land. We promote organic farming and use of natural methods for maximized yields. Our demonstration mixed farm has both animals and plants to demonstrate a symbiotic relationship where each supports the other.

Urban farming

We also promote urban farming, where we demonstrate crop and animal production on small sized pieces of land.
We train and promote rabbit rearing in cages, chicken cages, IMO rearing of pigs, goats, mushrooms, bee keeping, zero grazed cattle and creating bio energy.
We also promote, small backyard gardens, vegetable growing in sacks, raised gardens on walls and tins, used car tires and in just about everything. Everywhere can be green.

Innovation and Business Affiliates

Innovation and enterprise development is at the heart of the Nehemiah business philosophy.
We believe in new ideas evolution as well as in improvement of existing ideas to create scalability and sustainability.
Some of our business startups include Some of our business startups include Briquettes, Soaps and detergents, Books making, Health and Wellness Animal feeds, Baking using locally improvised ovens, Tailoring and designing.

Seed loans and fertilizer loans

Nehemiah extends seed and fertilizer loans to members and non-members to give them a head start in farming seasons. These are group loans, are held accountable through groups where continue learning, sharing of ideas and training occurs. Seed loans are both paid back in kind or cash after harvesting and sale of produce.