Merry Christmas from us to you!

Our dear friends and partners,

Seasonal Greetings and Blessings from Excel ministries!

We trust you are wrapping up the year well. We would like to thank you for walking with us and encouraging us in the work the Lord entrusted with us. Ebenezer– this far the Lord Has helped us! You are a big part of our success story! We pray God will bless and increase you even more according to 2 Corinthians 9:8. We would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New year 2023!

As celebrate Christ’s birth and as the year draws to an end, we feel it important to reflect on and appreciate God for some of the milestones of the outgoing year!

Highlights of the year from Excel Ministries/ Nehemiah Development Group!

Excel Kids AcademyRaising an Excellent Child!

Excel kids’ academy is founded on the need to produce a Christ centered, innovative and all rounded child through discipleship, hands on learning and talents development.

Milestone this year:

Partnering with one Hope ministries, we trained our church leaders and partner churches in children and youths discipleship.

We have enhanced children giftings through music, dance, and drama. Our Excel kids’ choir has done incredibly well, composed and recorded own songs including “welcome to Africa”!

We have been able to offer practical and innovative science learning through our program and our children have been able to build natural science models.

We launched a new building project at the Excel Village to cater for children’s accommodation and instruction needs in a great environment.

Excel Village, our center of inspiration and innovative learning!

Home to the Excel academy, and center for our urban farming projects that offer both our children and the community a practical learning environment. The projects at the Excel village include

Urban gardening-growing vegetables in used car tires, sacks, raised platforms, 

  • Urban gardening-growing vegetables in used car tires, sacks, raised platforms etc.
  • Rabbitry
  • Chicken/poultry
  • Piggery
  • Mushroom
  • Fish farming in tanks

Nehemiah Development Group

Our dream of building an empowered and sustainable community has continued to unfold this year! We have made great strides with the Nehemiah Development group. Our SACCO has been able to empower and extend financial business loans to over 20 small businesses-both upstarts and already existing. We have added more businesses at our business hub, the include;-

    • A briquette making & Energy saving stoves Workshop,
    • A grocery market,
    • A food restaurant,  
    • A computer training hub for youths and children, 
    • An incubation center for small startups.
    • Craft shoe making and hand-crafted bags

  • Other services at the Nehemiah Business center

Our tailoring and crafting department has been able to offer a learning opportunity to stay home mothers to learn how to stitch and weave

Nehemiah Stationery and detergents has continued to Serve our community with Stationary services, book making, chalk making, liquid soap and bar soap making,

Nehemiah Agro Program (NAP) our urban farming learning center inspires people with the following activities, vegetable growing in sacks and used car tires, raised platform farming, fish farming in containers, rabbitry, mushroom farming, poultry, piggery, using rabbits’ urine as a fertilizer and a pesticide etc We have been able to support individual members in agro based initiatives to start their own backyard garden

Nehemiah Digital Skills Program. The (NDSP)

The Nehemiah Digital Skills Project has a vision is to equip the young generation in our communities with digital skills such as Microsoft packages, the use of Email, Google, YouTube, Online business marketing strategies, internet Cafe, Photocopy, typing, and printing services.

Business skills training (NBST)

We continue to offer startups and continuing businesses with vital entrepreneurial skills to help them navigate pitfalls and build sustainable businesses using biblical entrepreneurship and other resources


Born out of a desire to see transformational leaders, this foundation focusses on spotting young talented and gifted young people with a transformational leadership potential, that are struggling to make it to college/university. We offer them support with education sponsorship and enroll them on a discipleship program to mentor them into family, community, and National transformers. These are our Shadrach’s, Meshach’s and Abednego’s who will stand against the moral corruptions of the marketplace, represent Christ in the corporate world and inspire positive change. They are our elite forces in the Kings education fellowship unites together the Kings education foundation members and builds an accountability network through fellowship. At college/University levels we so far have 3 transformational young leaders on the program so far, Grace Kafeero-Sponsored by Brother Jarvis Ward of the PEARSON Foundation, Rogers Ssozi-sponsored by Susan and Joe Konieczny , and Regan Wangi under Cornerstone leadership Academy and under the patronship of Pr. Godfrey Tinka. We have several others in the waiting at high school levels.


We started a sports outreach program to help attract young people, disciple and mentor them into responsible citizens. Our communities have been given to immoral vices due to lack of parenthood and education. We started with a few youths in the community and the program has grown to reach more than 50 young men. Sports is a vehicle to help make them value – oriented -disciplined youths, and finally brings them to the saving knowledge of Christ. With every match or training, we share values and principles that will help then win and be champions, not just on the soccer pitch but in their daily life decisions. We share a cup of tea with them, share transformational testimonies from those that have overcome huge obstacles, and occasionally show an inspiring sports movie to inspire their lives to dream big


November Mission,  We had a successful mission with a beloved team of close friends from the USA that saw us bless and touch a number of areas of ministry outreaches. These included dental outreach, elderly outreach, business tours, sports outreach, excel kids and more! The team was led by our own friends Joe and Susan Konieczny with whom we share a very special connection and bond! Together, we blessed the elderly of our communities with food items and dental check ups/treatments, blessed the Excel kids and so many children from our school community, had a business expo tour, blessed the youth soccer academy with soccer balls, and had such a wonderful time at Excellent Life Church!

Sharing food packages with the elderly!

Special thanks to special friends and partners in this work, Joe and Susan Konieczny, Rev Jarvis Ward of the Pearson Foundation, Theresa Gregory and so many others that are supporting us prayerfully and morally. 

We ask you to Join us as we believe God for another great new year; We are believing God in the following areas,

  • Completion of our New Excel Academy building
  • The entire Excel Academy and kids program for;  provision for education, daily life needs, staffing, good health and more. 
  • The Nehemiah development projects to continue prospering and impacting the community through our projects

You can participate in any of the ways below,

  • Giving towards any of the above,
  • Coming to volunteer in any of the above projects. 
  • Raising awareness of our works in your Church, or affinity group
  • Prayer and moral support

Blessed Christmas season to you and yours!

Joab Sonko, Excel ministries/ Nehemiah Development Group Uganda

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